Services and Fees

Commercial and Industrial Appraisals Call For Quote
Special-Purpose Property Appraisals Call For Quote
Right-of-Way Appraisals Call For Quote
Real Estate Consulting Services Call For Quote
Single Family Home Appraisals $300-$400
Single Family Home Appraisals > $300,000 $350-$450
2-4 Family (Duplex, 3-Plex or 4-Plex) Appraisals $500-$700
Form 2055 Limited Appraisals $200-$300

Relocation (ERC) Appraisals


This is a sample of the real estate services we provide.  We encourage you to contact us for a property-specific quote.

Residential appraisal services are typically limited to Monroe and Owen Counties in Indiana.  All fees that are shown above are shown for Monroe County.  Owen County properties may incur and out-of-county fee on top of the base appraisal fee.

Commercial, industrial, and special-purpose property appraisals are typically completed in a narrative appraisal report format.  Our service area for these property types includes the southern half of the state of Indiana, generally Indianapolis and south.